Introducing the COFFEEBOXX™

The World's Toughest Coffee Maker.


*Coffee Cup Not Included 


Howl Back 
at the Wind

We build products to perform exceptionally in the world’s most extreme environments so that you can perform your best too, no matter where you work or play.


Built For Those Who Bring It

Designed to work in the world’s harshest environments, the COFFEEBOXX™ brews a perfect cup of coffee in under 90 seconds at the touch of a button. Featuring an impact-resistant shell, a crush-proof core that can withstand a 1500 lbs load, water-resistant and dust-resistant protection, rust-resistant hardware and construction, and a watertight system design that makes it spill-proof, it's safe to say that this beast of a brewer can go anywhere you dare to venture. 


1. Fill with fresh water
2. Insert your K-Cup
3. Select your coffee size
4. Enjoy your hot brew


Beyond Rugged

We believe that people who work hard and get their hands dirty deserve all the comforts of modern living no matter where they are. In fact, they deserve it the most. Doing hard work demands products that work even harder. This is why we build Beyond Rugged products—products that outperform and outlast the hardworking people who use them.


Why We Exist

There was a time when we greatly admired the explorers and builders of this world. The people who sought to tame the untamed and make it their own. Those who created space to live in places that once seemed unlivable. Sheer will and determination drove them to build the very foundations of our modern world. 

The evidence of their hard work is all around us, yet we hardly take notice of it, let alone appreciate it. Society seems to have forgotten these people and the people who take on that very same role today. People who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and who know how to get things done. People who take on the harshest Mother Nature can throw at them and win. People who bring it, day in and day out.

These are the people who inspire us. This is who we build Beyond Rugged products for. We build for those who bring it.


Our Vision For
The Future

The COFFEEBOXX™ is merely the beginning. Our vision for the future isn’t just to make the world’s toughest coffee makers or even to simply be a company that makes tough products. We’re building a way of living, working and playing. We’re building THE Beyond Rugged company. 

Wherever hardworking people need Beyond Rugged products, we’ll be there. From job sites to riding shotgun for long hauls. From corn fields to deer camps. No matter how harsh or how intense the environment, we’ll figure out a way to make sure that the people who build the future have what they need to bring it every day.